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Acing Conflict Resolution & Problem-Solving for First Time Managers

The Business Objective

The FMCG company’s primary aim was to equip its managers with the conflict management and problem-solving skills needed to excel in resolving workplace conflicts and tackling challenges effectively. Their main objectives were to:

How AntWalk Helped

A power packed session aimed at Conflict Management & Problem-Solving know-hows

2+ Competency-oriented Curriculum like conflict management, & stakeholder management

Spearheaded by Mr. Abhishek Sengupta (EX- Corporate Trainer/Consultant at Koeing/EY)

Personalized action plans focused on individual participant’s needs

The managers learned conflict resolution and problem-solving skills from AntWalk’s experts, who customized the workshop according to their needs and goals. AntWalk expertise offered significant assistance in the following ways:

The interactive sessions, featuring role-playing exercises and real-world scenarios, ensured the skills learned were immediately applicable and directly relevant to the daily interactions CCEs face.


of learners demonstrated engagement and satisfaction


of learners’ praise content coverage


attendance and unmatched engagement


This skill development program had a significant impact, with managers achieving remarkable skills:

Excellent program for dealing with conflict and solving problems on a daily basis.

~ Sanjay Biswa

The training made a difference.

~ Parth Gopal Chakraborty

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