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Building Leaders for Tomorrow

How Indorama GBS uplifts future leaders with an intensive 7-Week AntWalk’s Managerial training programme

The Business Objective

The client was a propagator of transformational leadership & their primary objective was to facilitate transformation of their process leaders, shifting them from managers to more impactful & effective leaders. Their main objectives were to fulfil long term organizational goals like:

How AntWalk Helped

16+ live Cohort Classes

5+ competency-oriented curriculums

10+ handpicked experts from leading brands

Application-oriented program through 25+ Hands-On Activities

The client partnered with AntWalk to create a Management Training Program, to develop leaders with a growth mindset, agility, & resilience to navigate uncertainties. With AntWalk’s support, Indorama GBS honed competencies crucial for success like:


The program significantly impacted the team, leading to:

The content of the training was really good. The expert was very interactive & engaging. This will definitely enhance our managerial skills

~ Kushal Chanda, P2P Transition and Service Delivery Lead, Indorama GBS Learner, Managerial Excellence Program

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