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Building the next set of leaders for a leading Housing Finance company

The leadership training program equipped branch managers across 19 locations, with the necessary competencies, skills and tools to enhance their role readiness and drive overall branch performance.

The Business Objective

Building High-Performing Branch Leaders – This initiative focused on the following areas for branch managers, aiming to elevate their leadership and effectiveness.

How AntWalk Helped

Tailored a 2-day workshop with high, medium, and low-performing branch managers and Covered 8 essential competencies

Featured expert instructors from leading BFSI companies such as Kotak Mahindra, ICICI, HDFC, and Yes Bank.

Facilitated a smoother transition for managers from individual contributors to branch leaders and P&L owners.

Hands-on, immersive learning approach with concepts, role-plays, activities, and discussions to gain actionable insights to enhance on-ground performance.

This intensive 2-day workshop addressed the needs of branch managers across all performance levels (high, medium, and low).


Of the learners would recommend the program


Of learner’s praise content coverage


Engaged with 500+ Branch managers


Our branch management program delivered significant results across key areas:

“The program significantly enhanced our branch managers' capabilities, making a tangible impact on their performance."

- Head of L&D at the Housing Finance company

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