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Cloud4c Empowers Customer Success Teams with AntWalk’s Customer Success Excellence Program

The Business Objective

Cloud4C was driven with the aim of empowering its customer success teams with skills to thrive in the competitive landscape of the industry. The focus was on:

How AntWalk Helped

20+ Live Cohort Classes

Contextualised Curriculum Across 6 Competencies

8 Handpicked Industry Experts from IT/ITES and other leading brands

Application-Oriented Program Through 10+ Hands-On Activities

Cloud4C and AntWalk partnered to deliver tailored learning experiences, equipping employees with critical thinking mindset, product positioning, strategic account planning, teamwork, and stakeholder engagement skills. This collaboration resulted in accelerated success and remarkable growth. AntWalk’s customer success excellence program ensured a transformational learning journey, encompassing the following elements:

It was a well-balanced program with the correct mix of subject matter experts. The sessions were quite engaging and our perspective toward customer success has changed for good. Kudos to everyone.

~ Jai Prakash Nethala, AVP Customer Success at Cloud4C


The program had a profound impact on the team, resulting in:

Thanks to AntWalk for delivering a customized program to suit our business needs and enhance the knowledge of the Customer Engagement Team. I have seen this as one of the best programs delivered, AntWalk took extra efforts to get the right mix of Subject Matter Experts.

~ A Srini Reddy, Sr. Vice President – Head Global Customer Engagement at Cloud4C

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