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Driving Digital Transformation: Empowering Business Translators & driving Project Management

How a leading pharma company Transformed Business Translators with a 12-Week long AntWalk Program

The Business Objective

The client’s primary objective was to enable 12 business translators to drive successful digital projects and achieve operational efficiencies through leveraging digital transformation. Their main objectives were to:

How AntWalk Helped

7+ sessions, covering digital muscle & project management

3+ Competency-oriented curriculums

Handpicked experts from leading brands

Real-life used cases, rich dialogues, project charter and a product evaluation matrix to boost engagement

The client collaborated with AntWalk for its expertise in designing customized training programs & delivering them through industry-leading experts, ensuring personalized attention to all the learners. The program aimed to empower Business Translators to:


Of the learners would recommend the program


Of learner’s praise content coverage


Attendance and unmatched engagement

It was a well-balanced program with the correct mix of subject matter experts. The sessions were quite engaging and our perspective toward customer success has changed for good. Kudos to everyone.

~ Jai Prakash Nethala, AVP Customer Success at Cloud4C


The impact of the DRL digital transformation program was significant, with learners achieving notable outcomes:

The session was excellent and engaging, with the instructor delivering the content exceptionally well, and providing great examples. The entire cohort was fully engaged throughout the session.

~ Head PMO

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