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Empowering A Leading Multi-National Corporation’s Engineering Team For Future-ready Data Capabilities

The Business Objective

The client aimed to empower data engineers by upskilling them in data warehouse capabilities and the latest tools, enabling them to build effective data solutions and stay updated in the evolving organizational landscape. Their objectives were to:

How AntWalk Helped

42 Hours Of Live Cohort Classes

Contextualised Curriculum On Azure Synapse & Azure ML Studio

4+ Handpicked Azure Experts From Leading Brands

8 Real-Time Industry-Specific Use Cases

The client collaborated with AntWalk to revolutionize their employees’ capabilities through the customized “Custom Amplify” solution.

Antwalk’s Azure Data Engineering and Machine Learning AMPLIFY Program ensured a personalized learning journey by:


Of the learners would recommend the program


Of learner’s praise content coverage


Attendance and unmatched engagement


The Azure Data Engineering and Machine Learning AMPLIFY Program left a lasting impact, with learners achieving remarkable outcomes:

We understood Azure synapse and how to use the dedicated pool and use dimension tables for creating the model. And how to connect Visual Studio and Power BI.

~ Learner, AntWalk Azure Data Engineering and Machine Learning Program

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