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Enhancing Client Delivery Experience

How 91Squarefeet Geared Its Project Engineers To Enhance Delivery Experience with AntWalk Project Management Program

The Business Objective

91Squarefeet, operating in a challenging retail environment in India, recognized the need to transform their project managers by equipping them with enhanced project management skills and communication tactics with vendors. The project engineers faced challenges in effective communication and negotiation with local vendors in remote areas, and desired improved presentation skills. Customer relationship management strategy was identified as crucial for organizational effectiveness, client satisfaction, and profitability. Project managers also needed guidance on time management and prioritization during the pandemic. Inefficiencies in manual tasks and Excel were affecting productivity and data value.

How AntWalk Helped

AntWalk’s program was delivered by industry experts, with personalized attention to empower the Project Engineers. The sessions on effective communication, non-verbal cues, customer satisfaction, negotiation, construction management, Excel, and CRM were enhanced with hands-on activities, simulations, and assessments. The learner’s pre-and post-class performance was measured and analyzed for continuous improvement and business impact. The program aimed to integrate business objectives with employee learning for lasting growth and development, and AntWalk ACTIVATE was chosen for scalability and a highly personalized curriculum with insights from experts who have been successful project engineers.


The impact of the program was significant, indicating excellent execution of toolkits for building relationships with vendors and effective negotiation. The learners adopted business etiquette and improved communication skills, time management, conflict resolution and stakeholder management, and developed excel fluency for efficient data management. 91Squarefeet witnessed positive growth among employees, with an increased commitment to learning, leading to continued partnership with AntWalk for upcoming batches.

Our Project Management Program covered 4 core competencies


Soft Skills Training To Build Confident Communication


Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty


Moving Beyond Project Management


Site Execution and Quality Control

AntWalk’s team has been very professional and driven to deliver an impact. Learning in the flow of work can be challenging as employees have a lot on their plate, regardless, we would like to capitalize on this and continue investing in our employees’ growth and development. Our employees pursued the sessions in the right spirits as the selection of industry experts was great.

~ Amit Bansal, CEO, 91Squarefeet

How AntWalk Helped

39 Member Cohort with 8+ Live Classes

Contextualised Curriculum with Breakout Sessions

Handpicked Industry Experts With Internal SMEs

Real-Time Industry-Specific Use Cases

As a retail company, 91Squarefeet chose AntWalk for its speciality to design a customized learning program, deliver it by leading industry experts, and provide personalized attention to the learners. The live virtual sessions were designed to empower Project Engineers to:

  • Increase persuasion through effective communication using “Art of Elevator Pitch”, “PAM Framework”, and “Storytelling” techniques for better customer relations. 
  • Utilize non-verbal cues like body gestures and eye contact to communicate and negotiate effectively with stakeholders. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through proactive feedback incorporation, prioritizing customer needs, availability, persistent follow-up, and enhancing overall customer experience.
  • Practice negotiation skills, and stay updated on competitor pricing, market trends, economies of scale, and compliance for better vendor rates.
  • Overcome site planning and reporting challenges with “3 Pillars of Construction Management and Project Management Methodologies”.
  • Execute pre and post-class assessments to set clear employee expectations, understand role guidelines, work efficiently, and identify/mitigate risks.
  • Increase productivity with Excel skills like filtering, sorting, and Pivot tables to reduce manual labour and derive data insights.
  • Enhance Customer Relationship Management skills for efficient pipeline management.

To boost engagement, 91Squarefeet used a range of activities, including hands-on activities, gamification, case studies, assessments, quizzes, real-world projects, and presentations, as well as town hall ceremonies. The pre-and post-class performance of each learner was measured and analyzed for continuous improvement and business impact.

I’ve experienced changes within myself with the sessions on verbal communication and negotiations. I’m able to incorporate the learnings on the field with the vendors and execute them efficiently. It has helped me reduce stress and convey my opinions.

~ Manish Gond, Learner, AntWalk Project Management Program, 91Squarefeet


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Key leaders that are the driving force behind the execution, inception and delivery of the Project Management Program across the organization

Amit Bansal

Co-founder & CEO, 91squarefeet

Arpit Gupta

Founder, 91squarefeet

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