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How Cholamandalam empowered its finance leaders through leadership development program

Cultivating visionary leaders with intensive 12-Week AntWalk’s Finance Leadership Development Program

The Business Objective

The client’s primary objective was to boost the leadership skills of their managers by offering training in two critical areas: Establishing a Leadership Foundation and instigating Leadership Mindset transformations

How AntWalk Helped

6+ group coaching sessions followed by individual development plan

Handpicked experts from leading brands

3+ competency-oriented curriculum

2+ application-oriented programmes

AntWalk’s instrumental role in the triumph of Cholamandalam’s Leadership Managerial Excellence Program for finance leaders is evident through its multifaceted contributions like:

Mr. Vasu was very interactive & thought provocative. He has great experience, and we should try to imbibe the same in daily life to implement the learnings

– Hardik D Pandya


Finance leaders experienced profound transformations through the Finance Leadership Program, driven by Antwalk’s contributions, leading to:

The best thing to learn is to learn by ourselves as we identify the problems we are going through and get the solution. I am very grateful to the team

– Rajesh Kannan

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