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MTR Foods conquer growth targets in competitive market powered by AntWalk mPower program

Empowered leaders, engaged teams, strategic delegation- that's what MTR Foods gained with leadership development program

The Business Objective

MTR Foods, a leading food company with ambitious ecommerce growth plans, recognized a critical gap in their leadership team. Their ecommerce managers, while talented, lacked the necessary skillset to fully empower their teams and optimize operations. To achieve their ambitious growth targets and stay competitive in the dynamic online marketplace, they identified the need to equip their ecommerce managers with certain skills through leadership development program.

MTR Food’s journey with mPower program

To bridge this gap and unlock their full ecommerce potential, MTR Foods partnered with AntWalk to implement the mPower program, a targeted capability building initiative designed to equip their managers with the necessary tools and strategies for success.

Blended learning with 10 core competencies covered 

Engagement was key. The program featured 11 dynamic sessions led by an industry-renowned leadership expert. These sessions delved into the 10 core competencies through interactive activities, discussions, and case studies, managers actively participated in their own learning journey. 

Group project on leading business excellence

Project tackled real ecommerce challenges faced by MTR Foods, allowing managers to apply their newfound skills that included crucial skills like delegating tasks effectively and solving problems encountered in day-to-day ecommerce operations.

AntWalk’s frameworks for the journey 

The mPower leadership program wasn’t just about theory. It provided practical tools and frameworks to empower MTR Foods’ ecommerce managers: 


participants strongly recommend the mPower program.


participants praised the comprehensiveness of the leadership development resources.


participants commended for content and engaging delivery of the sessions.


MPower Got Measurable Success with 78% NPS Score The impact of the mPower program was clear. MTR Foods’ ecommerce managers reported a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 78%, indicating a strong likelihood of recommending the program to others

Conflict management is an intriguing subject, and the session was executed well.

It was really awesome. I got valuable insights on how to become a supportive leader, fostering business excellence.

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