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Transforming Business Through Customer-Centric Account Management

How the client drove business growth and customer satisfaction through AntWalk’s 16-week Account Management Program

The Business Objective

The Client, a trailblazer in business expense management, sought to equip its Account Managers with cutting-edge skills. To achieve this, the client partnered with AntWalk as their Learning Partner totackle five crucial areas essential to their triumph: adopting a proactive and customer-centric mindset, exploring innovative account growth strategies, implementing success planning and conflict management, and optimizing team coordination to create a lasting impact in the industry.

How AntWalk Helped

The client partnered with AntWalk for an immersive Account Management Program aimed at fostering a customer-centric culture and proactive mindset among its Account Managers. Our experts delivered training on key competencies such as Account Growth Strategy, Driving Customer-Centric Communication, Becoming a Trusted Advisor, Managing Business Performance, and Customer health score and Output Metrics to equip learners to excel in today’s competitive landscape.


The client’s Account Managers embarked on a profound upskilling journey that yielded impressive results. With a focus on enhancing their account management skills and customer-centric communication, they established themselves as trusted advisors, building meaningful relationships with their clients. Additionally, their adoption of data-driven decision-making empowered them to make informed and strategic business strategies.

Our Account Management Program encompasses 5 critical competencies


Building a Customer-Centric Culture


Customer-Centric Communication


Account Growth Strategy


Account Success Planning


Managing Stakeholders and Resolving Conflicts

Really productive and real-life scenario-based learnings

~ Learner, Account Management Program

How AntWalk Helped

28 Hours Of Live Cohort Classes

Contextualised Curriculum Around 4 Competencies

9+ Handpicked Experts From Chargebee, Michelin, Cognizant, Coin DCX

Townhall case challenges, flip classes stakeholder mapping & account success templates, & refression sessions

The client chose AntWalk for its specialty to design a customized learning program, deliver it by leading industry experts, and provide personalized attention to the learners. The live virtual sessions were designed to empower Account Managers to:

  • Explore opportunities for account growth
  • Understand value proposition, competitive landscape, and develop account success template
  • Manage upselling and cross-selling activities and business performance
  • Build lasting relationships with clients and manage churn
  • Decide on Customer Health Score and Output Metrics
  • Inculcate prioritization and time management
  • Improve stakeholder mapping and customer journey map
  • Handle difficult conversations and team conflicts

To boost engagement, the client used a range of activities, including hands-on activities, gamification, case studies, assessments, quizzes, real-world projects, and presentations, as well as town hall ceremonies. The pre-and post-class performance of each learner was measured and analyzed for continuous improvement and businessimpact.

It was a great experience and this will help us in the long run

~ Learner, Account Management Program


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