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Transforming Chief Managers into Collaborative Leaders at a large Mutual Funds Giant

The company identified a critical need to cultivate stronger leadership within their ranks. To address this, AntWalk designed and implemented a transformative leadership program.

The Business Objective

To build on “Chief Executive Presence,” empowering Chief Managers to deliver impactful presentations that exude gravitas, confidence, and strong communication skills.

How AntWalk Helped

Conducted a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) with the entire sales hierarchy to evaluate existing skill gaps within the Chief Manager role.

An immersive 3-day workshop, followed by a 30-60-90 day mentorship journey, customized to address its Chief Managers.

Interactive Role-Play & Activities: Allowed learners to refine leadership approaches, fostering confidence and gravitas.

Goal-Setting and Mentorship: A hands-on session equipped participants with goal-setting frameworks and Individual Development Plans (IDPs).

AntWalk addressed the specific needs of their Chief Managers through a comprehensive program called "The Chief Managers' Program." This program offered a blend of immersive learning and ongoing support:


Of participants reported improved leadership skills


Of NPS (Net Promoter Score) 


Class Engagement Rating


"The Chief Managers' Program" resulted in significant leadership development and positive changes in the workplace:

"It was a very useful session in understanding how to analyze performance and improve productivity of my team."

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