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Transforming customer escalation strategies at TMF group through a customized Leadership Program

AntWalk partnered with TMF Group to amplify their strategic expertise in Customer Escalation Resolution over an immersive 3-month leadership training program encompassing 6 impactful sessions, we meticulously refined 6 critical competencies, and propelled TMF towards unprecedented levels of excellence and effectiveness.

The Business Objective

Building a more effective team with enhanced communication & Project Management skills. The program was designed to enhance two key areas – communication and project management skills.

How AntWalk Helped

Conducted pre- and post-training assessments to gauge proficiency levels.

In-class discussions and hands-on activities for better understanding.

Real-time projects for practical application of learning.

Townhall presentations for learners to showcase their implementation to experts.

AntWalk implemented a multi-faceted approach to ensure effective learning and practical application for the TMF Young Leadership Program:


Of the learners would recommend the program


Of learner’s praise content coverage


Attendance and unmatched engagement


"The sessions have been very helpful, and I will adopt the learning and insights in my daily working life which will give more confidence."

- Manjunath H

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