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Transforming the sales force of a leading bank into Trusted Advisors

Empowered over 180+ learners through a comprehensive Sales Certification Program, customized for Business Relationship Managers and Team Leads.

The Business Objective

To build a competitive Working Capital Products team capable of driving growth and success. To empower them in the competitive market, this initiative focused on:

How AntWalk Helped

Customized Curriculum designed for over 180+ learners, with 8 core sales competencies.

Expert Insights From professionals from the country’s top banks - ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Yes Bank.

Certification was done using quizzes, in-class engagement evaluations, and a final one-on-one Sales Viva.

Learn, Apply & Assess Framework. Practical application with 1:1 viva assessment.

AntWalk stepped in as a trusted partner, crafting the "Mastering the Art of Sales" certification program. This intensive 2-day workshop went beyond traditional training. Here's what set it apart:


Of learners rated our training content 10/10


CMI before program – 67%


CMI after program – 76%


ARCH (Assessment for Role-specific Capability and Human potential), is a powerful AI-powered tool that helps organizations gain a scientific and holistic view of their people's capabilities across individual, team, and organizational levels.

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