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Unlocking the Power of People Leadership

How an Automobile Giant empowered its leaders with AntWalk’s People Leadership Program

The Business Objective

The client aimed to establish visionary and people-centered leadership, capable of efficiently steering the business while fostering inclusivity. The goal was to create an environment conducive to individual growth, where employees could exceed their potential. The key areas of focus included:

How AntWalk Helped

Focus on the key tools to empower the leaders of tomorrow with the art of people leadership

GROW model- induced action plan

2+ well-known strategists with years of experience in the industry

The client engaged AntWalk to develop a one-day workshop to improve people’s leadership skills and team performance. The following were the valuable insights shared:

Our client partnered with AntWalk’s Leadership Academy to design and deliver customized training programs with top-notch experts, ensuring personalized guidance to all participants. AntWalk offered significant assistance in the following ways:


learners rated the program as effective and would recommend it to others.


participants were highly engaged and satisfied with the program.


learners found the program effective and would recommend the program


The workshop’s high attendance rate of 86%, strong engagement, and 94% learner recommendation demonstrate its effectiveness in enabling leaders to achieve remarkable business outcomes through people leadership development program:

Durga’s ability to share real-life examples in an inspiring and helpful manner made the workshop truly impactful. The focus on practical, output-driven strategies was exactly what I needed.

~ Deepak Tripathi

The workshop was highly relevant to leadership and effectively addressed key aspects that are crucial for success. I gained valuable insights and practical tools that I can immediately apply in my role.

~ Anand Mohan

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