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Leadership in Digital Transformation: Navigating the IT- Leadership in 21st Century 

Introduction  Changing times require a dynamic approach in the form of leaders who forefront digitization and drive positive results through latest technological investments. Leaders or e-leaders as you can call them are up for role reversal that enhances transparency and accountability in all organizational hierarchies.   Have you ever thought about the importance of such […]

Thrive in the age of disruption: Bounce forward with Adaptability

Imagine waking up one morning to find that your job has disappeared. Overnight, your industry has been disrupted by a new technology or a new competitor. You’re not alone. In the age of disruption, this is a reality that many people face. According to a recent study by McKinsey & Company, 800 million jobs could […]

The Power of ‘People-First’ Approach: Driving Business Success 

Organizations face several obstacles in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape of the corporate world. ‘Indeed’ reveals the top reasons behind the fall in organizations’ performance and some of these are- lack of employee recognition, levels of employee engagement, communication, and transparency in leadership in the workplace.   Mr. Karan Primlani, Business Head, Magic Bricks shared his […]

Why are HR Strategies and Great Organizational Culture Important for Business Growth?

Business success in the 21st century hinges on employee productivity and engagement which are directly influenced by company culture. The employees demand that they be treated with respect and inclusion. Healthy people culture in the workplace is the way for businesses to drive success.   We had the privilege to interview an esteemed expert in the […]

Drive Business Growth with HR Solutions for Organizational Transformation

Welcome to the zany world of HR! In today’s ever-changing business landscape, the role of Human Resources has gone from drab to fab. More and more CHROs are getting a seat at the high table. HR heads have their priorities set. According to a recent HBR article, CHROs make the best CEOs, they are taking […]

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