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Live classes | 16 Weeks | Limited seats

Get Ready for a New Job in Sales & BD

A LIVE Sales online course where you will learn Sales Strategy, Market Research, GTM Strategy, Art of Negotiation, Cross border Sales & many more from top professionals and get endorsed by them

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    Get Ready for a New Job in Tech Sales & BD

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    100+ hrs of live classes

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    10+ Industry leading projects

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    1:1 mentoring

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    Focus on soft skills

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    Endorsement by industry experts

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    CV/Linkedin review

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    Mock Interviews

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    Recruiter Introductions

    New Tech Sales & BD Career

    New Tech Sales & BD Career

    Meet the Instructors

    We have handpicked the best Sales professionals to deliver the program

    Anuraag Bharadwaj

    GM & Auto Leader Key Accounts
    IBM | Atos | INSEAD

    Salil Chowdhary

    Territory Business Manager
    Michelin Canada | Ceat | 3M

    Gaurav Prajapati

    Category Management
    Meesho | OYO | Cognizant

    Himanshu Mehra

    Director, Co-lending
    Lendingkart | Expedia Group I HSBC | Citi

    Learn key Sales tools

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    What you will learn in this Sales online course?

    Market Research & Prospecting
    Week 1
    Learning Outcome- Step by step process to conduct a market research- Overcoming the challenges in market research- Carrying out best in class practices to do prospecting- Overcoming the challenges in prospecting
    Live Class 1: Market Research in Sales- Market research and it's types- Steps involved in online market research- Market research using mystery shopping & social listening
    Live Class 2: Art of prospecting- Ways to do prospecting- Prospecting through surveying - Evaluating the efficiency of your prospecting process
    Project 1: Getting Prospecting right through market research and competitor analysis- Conduct market research and competitor analysis to learn how to prospect customers for SAAS CRM company
    Building sales funnel and GTM strategies
    Week 2
    Learning Outcome- Increasing conversion using funnel analysis - How to rejuvenate the sales funnel in a crunch situation?- Building a sucessful GTM strategy - Executing the Go-to-Market strategy effectively
    Live Class 1: Building a healthy sales funnel- Understanding the sales funnel stages- Important sales funnel ratios you need to know- Ways to increase your funnel conversion
    Live Class 2: Go to Market (GTM) strategy- Designing the GTM strategy- Identifying the target customer and market- Finding new territories to sell- Executing the GTM strategy
    Project 1: Building a GTM strategyYou will be able to:- assess market size- understand competitive insights - develop a GTM plan
    Making Impactful Sales Deck and Art of Pitching
    Week 3
    Learning Outcome- Importance of business deck and sales pitch- Learn about the step by step process of creating a business deck- Overcoming the challenges in building a business deck- Know the step by step process of creating a pitch- Improvising the sales pitch according to the situation
    Live Class 1: Making an impactful deck - Building a storyline around the deck - Customise & visualise content- Flexing the format based on your delivery method
    Live Class 2: The anatomy of a great sales pitch and demo- Key elements of a sales pitch - Framing a sales pitch - Steps involved in closing any sale - Mastering the Q&A round
    Project 1: Creating a sales pitch and deckYou will be able to build a deck and pitch that includes a strong value proposition that will persuade others to believe in it just as much as you do
    Making Impactful First Reachout
    Week 4
    Learning Outcome- Basics of cold call and cold emails- Framing and delivering cold call- Structuring a cold email to maximise the open rate of the emails- Overcoming challenges in cold calling and cold emailing
    Live Class 1: Increase cold calling conversion- Understanding the fundamentals of cold call- Framing the cold call pitch- Mastering the elevator pitch- Handling naysayers during a cold call
    Live Class 2: Get cold emailing right 1. Setting up strategies to send cold emails2. Structing the cold email3. Converting an email to a meeting4. Overcoming objections in cold emails
    Project 1: Cold calling and cold emailing to the prospectsLearning how to make cold calls and send out cold emails to the prospects identified for the SAAS company to increase your conversion rate
    Setting up the product prices
    Week 5
    Learning Outcome- Analysing the market size & the economics- Conducting competitor analysis - Price Anchoring- Testing the price & measuring the efficiency of the product- Overcome the challenges in setting pricing of the product
    Live Class 1: Getting the product pricing right- Analysing the market size & the economics- Conducting competitor analysis - Price Anchoring- Testing the price
    Project 1: Getting the product pricing rightUnderstanding how to price product by valuing self well based on all factors
    Delivering Customer Delight
    Week 5
    Learning Outcome- What is customer delight?- Why is it important to increase your share of wallet?- Ways to keep in touch with your clients to stay on top of their mind- How to track and increase NPS?- How to cross-sell and up-sell?- Identifying churn risk to plan future revenue better
    Live Class 1: Success after sales: making customer delight a priority- Customer delight and its importance of increasing your share of wallet- Ways to keep in touch with your clients- Track and increase NPS
    Closing Every Deal : Art of Negotiation, Persuasion, Follow ups
    Week 6
    Learning Outcome- Building the negotiation strategy- How to be in the commanding position while negotiating?- Ways to use emotion to your advantage in sales negotiations- Best sales closing techniques while negotiating a deal
    Live Class 1: 7 Stages of negotiation and persuasion- Add value to the negotiation- Create a win-win situation - Dos and Don'ts of negotiating - Always be willing to walk away from a negotiation
    Live Class 2: Most important step of getting clients: Follow-up!1. The importance of sale follow ups2. Structuring the follow up sales email3. Following up with prospects on phone call4. Following up with existing clients
    Project 1: Using negotiation to seal the dealLearning about the closing techniques to seal the deal using negotiation and followups
    Partnerships and alliances
    Week 6
    Learning Outcome- Benefits of partnership and alliances- Finding partners - Forming partnerships and legal procedure- Reducing risks while entering into a partnership- Resolving conflicts with the partners
    Live Class 1: Driving impactful partnerships and alliances- Benefits of partnership and alliances- Finding partners - Forming partnerships and legal procedure- Resolving conflicts with the partners
    Project 1: Forming partnerhips and alliancesDevelop metrics pegged not only to alliance goals but also to alliance progress to form partnerships
    Science Behind Effective Selling
    Week 7
    Learning Outcome- What is behavioral economics and how does it impact sales?- Overcoming sales biases- Hyperbolic Discounting- The Power of "Free"- Irrational Value Assessment- Dress to Impress- Body language in Sales
    Live Class 1: The science involved behind effective selling- Undestanding buyers psycology to sell more- Kaizen principle- Sales lessons from chanakya neeti- What is required in sales: IQ or EQ?
    Handling Rejections, Unrealistic targets and the stress that they bring
    Week 7
    Learning Outcome- Overcoming stigma associated with sales- Identifying and responding to unrealistic targets- Dealing wth stress due to sales
    Live Class 1: Handling Rejections, Unrealistic targets and the stress that they bring - Facing down the stigma of sales and selling- Overcoming the fear of rejection- Deal with Bad appraisal- Deal with stress due to sales
    Cross Border Sales
    Week 8
    Learning Outcome- Sales planning for cross-border sales- Understanding the target market- Overcoming the challenges in cross border sales- Getting customer experience- Post covid cross-border sales
    Live Class 1: Cross Border Sales- Sales planning for cross-border sales- Understanding the target market- Getting customer experience- Post covid cross-border sales
    Project 1: Getting ready for cross-border salesGet the first hand experience on handeling situation based scenarios by effectively implementing cross-border strategies
    Sales Contracting
    Week 9
    Learning Outcome- Preparation of Contract- Authoring the Contract- Negotiating the Contract- Executing the Contract- Objection Handling of Contract- Audits and Renewals in Contracts
    Live Class 1: Sales contracting done right- Preparation and authoring of Contract- Negotiating and executing the Contract- Objection Handling of Contract- Audits and Renewals in Contracts
    Project 1: Forming a sales contractKnow how to draw up a sales contract that is legaly binding for a SAAS company
    Winning Stakeholders and bulding the personal Brand
    Week 10
    Learning Outcome- Tips on how to build relationships with: HR, Marketing, Product & Engineering, Finance, Approval & Legal, Sales ops and Pre sales, Peers & Senior Management, Clients, Vendor, Regulatory Bodies, audits & Compliance, Investors- Tips for building a personal brand & boost your career
    Live Class 1: Winning internal and external stakeholders- Personal brand and its importance- Role of networking in buildng personal brand- Rebrading the personal brand- Building a brand on Linkedin
    Live Class 2: Build and manage your personal brand as a sales professional- Effective stakeholder management- Overcome the communication gap between the stakeholders
    Project 1: Winning Stakeholders and bulding the personal BrandLearn how to change approach per client by understanding psychological & emotional behavior and build an impressive linkedin profile to develop personal brand
    Secret of strong Client Relationship and tips to get referrals
    Week 11
    Learning Outcome- Importance of Relationship Building in Sales- Finding the common ground to nurture relationship- Get more customers from existing customers ~ The referrals loop
    Live Class 1: Plan for referrals and increase chances of repeat business- Understanding the trust equation- Use subject matter knowledge to build trust- Methods to retain your customers- Expert tips to creating repeat business
    Project 1: Getting referrals and repeat businessUnderstand how to build relationships to increase referrals and business.
    Deep focus on soft skills and interview prep
    Week 12 - 16
    Learning OutcomeAlong with domain expertise, our experts will guide you through critical skills to make you an all-rounded professional through interactive sessions on
    Communicate & Collaborate
    Presentation & Story telling, Stakeholder Management & Negotiation tactics
    Emotional Well Being
    Emotional Intelligence at Work, Handling Stress, Anxiety and Burnout & Emotional Self-care
    Think & Solve
    Innovation, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving skills
    Execution Skills
    Project & Time Management, Organisational skills & Social Media presence
    Interview Preparation
    Resume Prep, Mock Interviews, GD Tips and Strategy

    Why is AntWalk the right choice for you?

    Offline Training Institutes
    Online Edtech Companies
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    Powered by Real Professionals from Top Brands
    Primarily driven by Academicians
    Driven by Academicians or tie-ups with institutes with few industry lecturers
    All classes designed & delivered by real professionals suited for each competency
    Extensive Live Classes
    In-class program with no proper learning tech
    Learning mainly self-paced with low interactions
    100+ hours of Live, Immersive classes
    Deep-focus on holistic development to crack your dream interview
    Mostly not available
    1-2 sessions of CV prep & mock interviews
    20+ hours of support on Soft skills, CV prep & mock interviews
    Recognition beyond certificate
    Program level certificate
    Program level certificate
    Program level certificate + Skill based Rating by Senior Professionals - embed into your CV
    Program Fee: 74,999  49,999/-  including GST
    Start with Flexible ZERO interest EMI plans starting @ ₹4,440/month

    Experience first hand the power of Antwalk promise

    Get a glimpse of experiential learning from these expert videos

    Create a great first impression when you meet a decision-maker/stakeholder
    Parisha P
    The Agrocal Company | Unacademy
    Why is it important to be genuine in personal branding ?
    John Gornik
    Glory | Talaris
    Prove your reliability to the client
    Rajashree Rao
    Thinker360 Top 100 B2B Women 2021
    How do you prepare good responses when you face rejection?
    Aditya Shamsher Malla
    GMI Forbes India Top 100 People Managers 2020

    Antwalk provides holistic career services and support

    Career Coach
    In-depth help on CV review, Linkedin readiness and interview prep
    Experienced Mentors
    1-1 mentorship & Live sessions with mentors who have traversed similar journeys
    Industry Introductions
    Personalized intros & referrals to our community of mentors & hiring partners


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