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The Power of ‘People-First’ Approach: Driving Business Success 

Organizations face several obstacles in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape of the corporate world. ‘Indeed’ reveals the top reasons behind the fall in organizations’ performance and some of these are- lack of employee recognition, levels of employee engagement, communication, and transparency in leadership in the workplace.  

Mr. Karan Primlani, Business Head, Magic Bricks shared his insights with AntWalk in an interview. He says a people-first approach is the need of the hour, leading to a robust work culture, productivity, talent management, and success. 

This blog will delve into his insights on people-first strategy serving as the guiding way to success, as well as provide insights into efficiently adopting this approach in 2023. 

People-First Culture to Win the Race 

People-first ethos suggests an inclusive workplace thriving on diversity, open dialogues, and seamless collaboration. When they feel cherished, involved, and heard, employee loyalty deepens as does their dedication to organizational goals  

Constructing an environment of trust, empowerment, and transparency is a true power booster if the stats published by Forbes Advisor are to be believed. Forbes reports 47% of HR leaders state employee experience as a priority in 2023

Employees in the Driver’s Seat to Reach Success Land 

Esteeming employees involves investing in their advancement through learning opportunities, skill enhancement, and mentoring. Training plans for employees, coaching sessions, and regular performance assessments aid in this pursuit.  

Mr. Karan Primlani underlines how empowered employees proactively take ownership, contribute ideas, and pursue excellence. This dynamism escalates productivity and augments business outcomes. 

Innovation Booms When Organizations Takes a Backseat 

Organizational success depends on employees’ performance. Employee training programs for upskilling and performance optimization are crucial for them to succeed and drive organizational growth.  

Regular tracking through metrics and benchmarks highlights areas for refinement, guiding data-driven decisions. Mr. Primlani emphasizes quarterly performance reviews to enhance employee performance in employee development programs and help them work on their areas of improvement.  

Recognition and Rewards are the True Accelerators 

Acknowledgment and rewards wield immense influence. Low motivation in employees gets resolved when their contributions and achievements receive recognition, fostering loyalty and dedication. 

Notably, Mr. Primlani introduces “Project Elevate,” his ’employee-oriented’ initiative that appraises top performers 2-3 times a year for employee satisfaction and growth, and faction, fostering inclusivity and collaboration within the organization. 

Watch his full interview here:


Smooth Talk and Team Tango Gets You Everywhere 

At the heart of the people-first strategy lies robust communication. Cultivating transparent communication channels is one of the top employee engagement strategies and makes them feel empowered.  

Embracing an inclusive and collaborative ethos elevates teamwork, fostering knowledge exchange and collective problem-solving. Mr. Primlani suggests forging beyond professional bonds to ensure leadership empowerment as well. 


Adopting the people-first ethos is not merely an ethical choice but also a strategic necessity for long-term organizational success. This approach gives your business a competitive edge and guides it toward sustainable growth, economic resilience, and creating strong brand equity in the ever-evolving marketplace. Organizations embracing this framework as their guiding compass position themselves for enduring prosperity. 

AntWalk, your role readiness platform helps you architect inclusive and diverse people strategies offering comprehensive assistance to your business in managing its human resources – from hiring to succession planning. Our primary focus on nurturing a people-first culture not only ensures growth of your business but also ensures that your workforce is ready to conquer any challenge

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