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Did you know? 

Poor emotional well-being costs organizations ~$1 trillion each year in lost productivity? 

ARCH gives you:

Major Triggers Leading to Poor Emotional Well-being at Work

Lack of Results

Engaging in tasks that do not produce meaningful outcomes

Feeling that personal and professional growth is out of your control.

Misalignment between your skills and the tasks you are assigned.

Stress comes not from tight deadlines, but from lacking the skills needed to meet them.

Difficulty in finding satisfaction and gratification from the tasks you perform.

Not having the necessary tools or support to complete your tasks effectively.

Ambiguity about job roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations.

Consequence of
Poor Emotional Well-Being 

Business impact of poor
emotional well-being at work 

Why should employers care
about employee wellbeing? 

Investing in employee well-being isn't just the ethical thing to do, it's a strategic advantage. 

How AntWalk ARCH Score Helps? 

It's time to measure and prioritize employee well-being to gain a competitive advantage 

  • Self-paced courses
  • Live instructor led learning 
  • Coaches and industry mentors 

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