Empowering Employees, Driving Change

AntWalk is on a mission to unlock the greater potential of professionals by following a ‘Blended Learning Approach’ and bringing a paradigm shift to their current learning style.

We, at AntWalk, strongly believe that happy employees make happy workplaces. Our People Growth Platform helps fast-growing companies create high-performance workplaces of the future with employees who ignite businesses and help them lead happier and fulfilling lives.

Sharing, Learning and Growing Together

Did you know? Ants communicate and share intelligence with each other when they walk. The name ‘AntWalk’ was inspired by this very same act of ‘collaborative social learning.’

Founded with the belief, ‘together we can achieve more’, AntWalk is an Ed-Tech platform that helps companies accelerate and transform their L&D strategy, paving the way to continuous learning. Our core team consists of ISBians and ex-Mckinsey alums who are extremely passionate about sharing, learning and growing together.
We are powered by 4,000+ experts from 500+ global brands who offer effective solutions to improve employee development, enhance the competencies of employees and develop newer ones that align with business goals. This enables employees to learn in the flow of work, develop a growth mindset and propel their careers to the next level.

Our Core Values

Joy for the work and also the people
Encouraging a culture of humility and continuous learning
Diversity and Inclusion
Accepting differences, ensuring belonging
Being transparent and trustworthy
From good teamwork comes great ideas

Meet our Leadership Team

Joybroto Ganguly
McKinsey | SAP | ISB
Sudhanshu Shekhar
ICICI | VISA | Cognizant
Sriramkumar S
McKinsey | Jio | Broadcom | ISB
Sumit Gupta
Adani Capital | ICICI | FRM | CFA L3
Basav Nagur
McKinsey Digital | TCS

Our Investors

Want to join us in our mission?

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