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We Strive for a World of Capability-First Organizations 

Human capabilities are limitless. 

It was, and always will be, the key to navigating change and thriving in any era. At AntWalk, we want to empower organizations to leverage their workforce capabilities and gain competitive advantage in the age of AI. 

About AntWalk

AntWalk is an industry focused SaaS platform.

AntWalk draws inspiration from the remarkable communication and collaboration of ants as they walk. Just like these tiny creatures, we believe in the power of collective intelligence and social learning.

AntWalk is founded by McKinsey alumni and invested in by marquee investors like GSV, Y Combinator, and Matrix Partners and at heart we exist to make Humans succeed in the age of AI.

We believe that Humans and Human Capabilities will not only matter but they will be Organizations core competitive advantage in AI augmented workplaces.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering a data-driven Platform that empowers organizations to understand people's capabilities and make people their biggest competitive advantage.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for a future where human capital and business objectives are seamlessly aligned, driving organizational success in the AI-powered world.

Our Philosophy

Capability over credentials 
AntWalk prioritizes capabilities over credentials/pedigree/ recommendations/gender/ experiences/ everything else 


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