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Know the exact capabilities required to excel in a role

Comprehensive & Scientific
Capability Frameworks

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Precise Capability Frameworks for all your roles!


Our capability frameworks are tailored to specific industry requirements such as BFSI, Technology, Manufacturing

Expert Curation:

Curated meticulously by our global pool of experts and industry leaders


Frameworks encompass essential capabilities for various roles and functions

Why choose
ARCH Capability Framework?  

Designed by

Ex-Mckinsey Experts  

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Top industry experts  

In line with

Industry Certifications 

Accepted by


Implemented by

Top Companies

Proficiency Against Global Benchmark


Basic proficiency; needs guidance to apply this skillset. 


Moderate proficiency, consistently and independently applies this skillset. 


High level of proficiency, takes proactive approach and generates new ideas.  


Exceptional proficiency; recognized authority; provides guidance and leadership to others 

Benefits organizations get: 

Ensure strategic alignment

Ensure strategic alignment

Guarantee everyone in your organization has capabilities aligned with business goals 

Identify talent gaps early:

Identify talent gaps early:

Proactively identify and address critical capability deficiencies 

Create a common language:

Create a common language:

Establish a clear understanding of required capabilities across all verticals 

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