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ARCH Reveal Capabilities HRMS Can't 

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UNCOVER the perfect fit

Align roles with critical capabilities through our comprehensive capability frameworks.

Transform Training from Guesswork to Growth

Measure capabilities, identify skill gaps, track progress and the effectiveness of your training programs with our comprehensive analytics suite.

Cut through the skill-gap with precise learning

Equip your team with the resources they need to thrive, and reach their full potential.

What about developing human capabilities in sync with
your business goals in the AI age. We can help you out here 

Why does your HRMS platform need ARCH? 

Future Blind Focus:

HRMS excels at managing people but can’t track emerging skill gaps that could derail your future projects.

Limited Risk Identification:

HRMS focuses on specific areas within HR but might not provide an overall picture of potential talent risks, including industry trends. 

Succession Planning Gaps:

HRMS lacks a clear plan to replace key personnel when they retire or leave the company. 

LET'S Building the Skills Your Organization Needs 

ARCH empowers you to

Design a comprehensive competency framework needed for each role in your organization that goes beyond just skills and includes areas like knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes. 

Define proficiency benchmarks for each competency level, ensuring everyone's on the same page. 

Build a continuous learning roadmap for your team 

Your employees are your future. Are you prepared? 

58% of workers

believe that they have skills that are not clear from their qualifications

60% of businesses

face skills gaps—the top global barrier to business transformation.

How do we bring the best to you? 


Use the Skill Will framework to evaluate your team’s capabilities and generate a Capability Maturity Index. 


Don't get overwhelmed by data. Our Risk Heatmap visualizes the potential impact and likelihood of various talent risks. 


Move from data to action with clear, actionable insights based on data-driven analysis to address talent risks proactively.

AI led Role-specific Capability Tool
Tailored for Your Enterprise Needs 

Proactive Identification and Mitigation 

We analyze data from various sources to predict potential issues like flight risk or emerging skill gaps before they become critical. 

Data-Driven Talent Development

Tailor development plans to enhance your employees’ skills and leadership abilities based on future talent needs. 

Strategic Workforce Planning 

Improve your workforce and succession planning by identifying potential successors within your organization.

Beyond KPI Tracking

Measure skills proficiency and development progress to spot areas for improvement and invest strategically in your workforce's overall success. 

What to expect when you don’t
have ARCH tool? 

Feature ARCH Tool  HRMS
  Proactive talent management & risk mitigation

  Streamlined HR processes only

Data Scope 
  Integrate internal & external data (skills assessments, industry trends, competitor data) 

Primarily internal HR data (performance, demographics) 

Analyze data to predict future risks such as flight risk, skill gaps, and more
Limited to present data for reporting
Actionable Insights 

Actionable recommendations for mitigation, development, and retention 

No actionable reports or

Succession Planning 

Analyze skills, experience, and development plans to identify high-potential candidates. 

Basic employee data for identifying potential successors; lacks foresight for future skill needs and career aspirations 

Employee Development 

Identify skill gaps and link them to development opportunities 

No strategic approach to
developing future-ready skills 

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