Our Story

Our Core Value
Do Good. Drive Change
We believe in power of doing good and the impact of that ethos in transforming education. Hence, Antwalk - a social learning movement of passionate professionals to share, learn and grow together
Transforming professional education through experiential learning
Teachers First, Entrepreneurs Next
Dreamers from humble beginnings, it is the strong academic environment in our families that helped us to get into global companies such as McKinsey and institutions such as IIT/ISB
This led us to become passionate teachers and thereby venture into Edtech.
Free Micro Learning Video content hub
Social Collaborative learning with mentors and peers helped accelerate our own career
Current academic setup fails to address continuous learning from one’s peers and focuses on degrees rather than needed competencies.
For us these competencies were gained through interactions with real professionals throughout our own professional journey
Collaborative learning
Hence the belief that together we can achieve more - just like Ants
Ants communicate and share intelligence with each other when they walk.
The name
is inspired by this act of “collaborative social learning”
Communicate & Share Intelligence like ants

Core team

Joybroto Ganguly
McKinsey | SAP | ISB
Sumit Gupta
Adani Capital | ICICI | FRM | CFA L3
Basav Nagur
McKinsey Digital | TCS
Sriramkumar S
McKinsey | Jio | Broadcom | ISB
Sudhanshu Shekhar
ICICI | VISA | Cognizant

We are backed by some amazing investors

AntWalk Investor - YCombinator
Matrix PartnersIndia
Vaibhav DomkundwarBetter Capital
Kunal ShahFounder, CRED I Serial Entrepreneur