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Drive Business Growth with HR Solutions for Organizational Transformation

Welcome to the zany world of HR! In today’s ever-changing business landscape, the role of Human Resources has gone from drab to fab. More and more CHROs are getting a seat at the high table. HR heads have their priorities set. According to a recent HBR article, CHROs make the best CEOs, they are taking on multiple challenges like virtual work culture, leader and manager effectiveness, economic pressure, etc. that companies are encountering in the here-and-now.

Get ready to map out the best strategies HR leaders bring to the table to ensure their organizations get past these multiple challenges along with valuable insights from Mr. V Krishnan, the former CHRO of Havells India and Dabur, and a tech enthusiast.

The Red Pill Which Builds Organizational Capability

A major concern that engulfs the company leaders is to align their people’s productivity with their organization’s mission and vision. No longer the boring back-office function, HR is more about aligning aspirations, monitoring employee performance, behavior and engagement, and smooth talent acquisition.

Mr. Krishnan in an interview with AntWalk said that AI, a data-based technology that operates through productive modelling like ML and NLP models, can simplify your people processes. Your HR team is all praise for AI for this digital transformation that narrows down that massive candidate pool! Artificial intelligence in HR obviously plays a crucial role in driving business growth.

Investing in their fabulous workforce and providing opportunities for learning, innovation, and agility, organizations can unlock the secret recipe for business growth!

HR Avengers to the Rescue- No Earthquakes, Only Reinvigorate

The elusive responsibility of establishing employee relationships befalls the shoulders of HR managers. Many HR consultants and HR heads took to public platforms and commented upon the toxic work culture across industries and organizational departments. Mr. Krishnan commented upon this concern of most organizational leaders emphasizing HR’s crucial role in shaping a thriving work culture that fosters employee well-being.

For an organization to increase its productivity it must improve employee experience, engagement, retention, and satisfaction of their aspirations, motivations, and needs enabling them to contribute their best to the organization.

By nurturing a DEI culture where individuals feel valued, connected, and motivated to excel, human resources management can be handled more effectively.

Employee in Wonderland- A Rabbit Hole Called Zoom

The shift to remote work has presented new challenges for employee engagement. The osmosis of information which was easier in the physical world is unfortunately not the same in the hybrid work model.

A leader must be cognizant of their team members’ views and their working environment which may or may not be conducive in terms of remote working. An empathetic leader is your salve to the dent caused by lack of employee retention in your company.

It is, in a sense, intruding in their private space. Human resources function primarily concerns itself with strategizing the human capital for the organization. This is why HR solutions are a must for your organization to work like a well-oiled machine.

Growth Hack Your Revenue by Leveraging Your People Resources

Organizations’ productivity and feasibility levels depend on upskilling and reskilling their employees. Mr. V Krishnan also stresses leadership development as the need of the hour for driving business growth, especially for budgeted start-ups.

HR managers are responsible for analyzing employee performance. They must identify their skill gaps and capabilities and encourage internal mobility and career development opportunities within the organization.

HR solutions are an absolute necessity in the current times. AntWalk’s forward-thinking approach, leveraging advanced technologies, and data analytics take a stab at pushing HR from a support function to the role of effective managers of your organization.


Simultaneously balancing the economic and mental health of the business and its employees is of utmost significance. In today’s time, an agile HR head ought to be a holistic leader, able to deal with people and business tasks in a balanced way. Mr. Krishnan also proposes it is substantial for every HR head to have the mind, heart and soul of a business head and vice versa. Diversity in inclusion must be pushed forward in terms of geography, gender, and multi-generation.

Talent acquisition is so much more than a back-end job now and AntWalk is here to help you get the right talent for your company by offering HR solutions that will upskill your existing employees with learning programs! Check out AntWalk for information on training programs and building your people strategies.

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