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Elevating Women in the Sales Leadership roles in the BFSI sector


Research from Mailshake reveals that a “mere 26% of sales leaders are women, yet that teams led by women outperform their male-led counterparts by 3 percentage points in achieving quotas.”

This statistic not only highlights the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles but also underscores their significant contributions to organizational growth across various sectors, including the crucial BFSI sector.

Within the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector, the empowerment and elevation of female leaders are essential for driving success and fostering innovation.

Despite the challenges of gender bias and limited representation, there is a clear path forward for women in sales leadership. By focusing on professional development, strategic networking, leveraging unique perspectives, and a commitment to continuous learning, women can overcome barriers and excel in leadership roles.

Notably, the proportion of women in leadership roles within financial services firms was at 24%, projected to rise to 28% by 2030, still below parity, according to a study carried out by Deloitte. This underscores the urgency for initiatives aimed at closing the gender gap.

Join AntWalk as we delve into challenges and strategies for elevating women’s sales leadership in the BFSI industry.

Together, let’s pave the way for a more inclusive and successful future in sales leadership, where diversity is celebrated and embraced.

Breaking barriers: Navigating the challenges of women in sales leadership

challenges faced by women leaders in the sales industry |AntWalk

In the BFSI sector, women in sales leadership face unique challenges amidst the dynamic sales culture. Navigating through biases and many more.

Let’s delve into the complexities and nuances of these obstacles

  1. Negative Stereotypes: One of the primary obstacles encountered by women in sales, and indeed in BFSI sector, is the need to counter bias and harmful stereotypes. The perception that women are not assertive enough, or risk being seen as overly assertive or pushy when assuming leadership roles, has hindered their advancement to more senior sales positions.

    This is also shown by a report from McKinsey which stated that “in the worldwide financial services sector, just 20% of leadership positions are occupied by women.”
  2. Gender Discrimination: Women in sales leadership often confront gender discrimination through disparities in compensation and opportunities for advancement, facing biases that hinder their career growth and recognition of their achievements.
    According to Gartner 84% of CSOs are content with their team’s gender diversity, while over 50% of sales professionals think their companies struggle to recruit women in sales.
    With 39% of women feeling disadvantaged in advancement despite equal skills and qualifications, bias persists in the industry.
  3. Guidance Gap: The scarcity of women in sales leadership roles creates challenges for female professionals in locating mentors and role models who can offer them valuable guidance and support. This absence of mentorship may impede their progress and opportunities for career growth.
    This is also represented by a study of McKinsey which states “Despite making up 47% of the workforce overall, women only occupy 23% of sales leadership positions.”
  4. Negotiation dynamics: Negotiation dynamics can be influenced by gender dynamics, with women sometimes facing challenges in being taken seriously or having their negotiation tactics questioned. Additionally, negotiating with predominantly male clients or counterparts may require adapting strategies to navigate potential biases and power dynamics.
    This is also represented by a study from mailshake which stated that “in sales, 49% of women worry about coming across as overly weak in negotiations.”
  5. Networking and Relationship Building: Building relationships and networking are crucial in sales. Women may face challenges in networking events or building rapport with clients, particularly in male-dominated industries where informal networking often takes place in male-centric environments.
  6. Financial Literacy: Mastering financial literacy is key for women empowerment and economic empowerment. Sadly, women often lag behind men in this essential skill set, impacting their financial security and overall empowerment.
    This is shown by a McKinsey report which states that “Globally, women only make up 19% of CEO roles in the financial services sector.”
  7. Perception of Analytical Roles: Analytical roles in BFSI are often perceived as male-dominated, requiring strong mathematical and technical skills. Women may face barriers in accessing training and opportunities to develop these skills, or they may face stereotypes that they are not as capable in these areas.

Shattering glass ceilings: Unveiling innovative paths to excel as women having a career in sales

Ways to improve your sales leadership skills as a women leader in 2024 | AntWalk | corporate Training

As female sales leaders, enhancing sales leadership skills means refining strategies that leverage your strengths.

By prioritizing capability building, you would be able to build on to your strengths and could achieve massive success as a women sale’s leader, but it is important to identify on what and how you could improve.

So, let’s explore ways to improve your sales leadership skills as a woman leader.

  • Vocalize: Women in sales leadership can improve by embracing their voices, forging new paths, seeking guidance from female mentors, and forming connections with women of all ages and backgrounds to harness the power of shared wisdom.
  • Personal growth and fulfilment: As a woman in sales leadership, embracing leadership roles offers opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment. Leading teams and driving initiatives provide avenues to expand skill sets, confront challenges, and understand one’s strengths more deeply.
  • Refine your communication abilities: Enhancing communication is essential for women leaders in sales as it involves effectively conveying your vision, objectives, and expectations. Active and empathetic listening to team members is crucial.
  • Embrace your strengths: Being a female leader brings unique strengths to sales, such as empathy, leadership skills, and teamwork. Embrace these qualities to refine your sales leadership approach. Authenticity and a personal touch in your method are now more crucial than ever for making a significant impact in sales.
  • Collaborate with others: Women leader should create a network that encompasses male allies. It’s crucial to have mentors and supporters who can offer advice and encouragement. Additionally, it’s essential to have allies who are present in decision-making forums to champion your cause and advocate for your advancement.
  • Encouraging financial literacy: As a female sales leader, empowering women’s financial literacy not only boost personal success but also fuels economic growth. When women understand finances, they can drive innovation and create opportunities through entrepreneurship, investment, and philanthropy, benefiting both themselves and society.

Here are some simple steps for a women sales leader to enhance her sales leadership skills and succeed in the BFSI sector. Now, let’s delve into the strategies an organization can adopt to inspire women leaders in business, focusing on initiatives AntWalk employs to empower them.

Strides towards equality: AntWalk’s women empowerment initiatives

AntWalk is a pioneering organization that fervently believes in the fundamental principle that leadership knows no gender boundaries. Embracing this ethos, we take immense pride in our workforce, boasting a remarkable 48% representation of women.

organization doing women empowerment in 2024 | AntWalk | Professional upskilling Platform |

This statistic isn’t just a number; it’s a testament to our commitment to fostering an environment where talent, dedication, and capability are the only metrics that matter.

With this resolute belief in gender equality at the core of our values, AntWalk has embarked on a series of initiatives aimed at empowering women across various spheres.

AntWalk, in partnership with WICCI, presents the “LeadHER-Invest in her, Invest in her Capabilities” webinar series. Featuring experts in women’s advancement, these sessions provide invaluable tips for professional growth.

Additionally, recent sessions within WICCI have focused on Financial Literacy for women, enhancing their understanding of the BFSI sector. Together, these initiatives aim to women leadership empowerment with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their careers.

At AntWalk, our commitment to empowering women is woven into our culture and initiatives. Through collaborative efforts, we’re shaping a future where women are valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.


In conclusion, Debby Carreau’s quote “women bring a valuable and distinct perspective to sales leadership, fostering innovation, empathy, and effective communication. Their presence not only enhances team dynamics but also drives superior results in today’s diverse marketplace“. This emphasizes the vital role of women in sales leadership, bringing innovation, empathy, and effective communication to the table.

AntWalk recognizes this importance and offers strategies to enhance female leaders’ abilities. Connect with AntWalk today to empower yourself and drive superior results in the diverse marketplace.

Key Takeaways

  • Underrepresentation, Overperformance: Women comprise only 26% of sales leadership in BFSI, yet their teams outperform male-led ones by 3%. Empowering female leaders is crucial for sector success.
  • Challenges Faced: Women in sales leadership face bias, discrimination, guidance gaps, negotiation hurdles, and networking barriers.
  • Strategies for Success: Women can overcome challenges by vocalizing, embracing leadership roles, refining communication, leveraging strengths, collaborating, and promoting financial literacy.
  • Empowerment Initiatives: Organizations like AntWalk offer mentorship, webinars on growth and financial education, aiming to empower women for success in sales leadership.

Empowering organizations through a Capability-driven Talent Supply Chain, where Capability is the cornerstone for making impactful people decisions.

AntWalk Envisions a world where merit and capability transcend all barriers – race, gender, sexual orientation, language, degree, or years of experience.


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