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The Branding Codebook: Cracking the enigma of brand building in the Digital Age

In this ever-evolving digital landscape, where trends shift with the click of a mouse, the journey of brand building has become a fascinating quest, filled with pivotal moments, strategic shifts, and a constant pursuit of the elusive elixir of success. 

In the heart of this digital age stands Mr. Vijai Dhas, the VP Marketing at K7 Computing, a seasoned veteran with a keen eye for the nuances that drive brand marketing. In a recent interview with AntWalk, Mr. Dhas, unravelled the secrets behind his brand strategies, delving into his pivotal moments, challenging traditional marketing norms, and deciphering the decalogue of brand management. 

He gave emphasis to the value of earned media over paid media & how it affects your brand’s worth. 

Recent research by McKinsey & Company has also underscored that earned media, the buzz generated through word-of-mouth and social media, is three times more effective at driving brand awareness than paid media.   

This raises a crucial question: “In a world saturated with advertising, how can brands harness the power of authenticity to ignite the organic flames of earned media?” 

As we navigate this intricate labyrinth, we’ll explore the harmonious symphony of owned media, earned media, and paid media, discovering how to orchestrate these powerful forces into a masterpiece of marketing strategy. 

Traditional marketing vs. Digital dynamics 

The debate on traditional versus digital marketing methods is a tale as old as the digital era itself. In a landscape where traditional marketing is proclaimed “dead” by some, the narrative of Mr. Vijai Dhas challenges this notion. According to a Gartner study, a staggering 64% of marketers believe in the diminishing effectiveness of traditional methods. However, our journey through Mr. Dhas’s insights reveals a different perspective — one where traditional and digital marketing coexists harmoniously. While traditional methods may seem antiquated to some, they coexist with digital approaches, proving their relevance in specific contexts.  

Mr. Dhas also suggested the same and introduces the concepts of “demand generation” and “demand capture,” stressing the coexistence of traditional and digital marketing strategies. 

Drawing examples from digital giants like Amazon and Flipkart, Mr. Dhas proves that traditional methods still have their place in the marketing mix. Newspaper ads and flyers continue to play a crucial role in the arsenal of these digital-first companies. The takeaway? It’s not about choosing sides but orchestrating a harmonious blend of both realms for optimal impact and finding the right balance. 

 Demand Generation- Demand Capture

The decalogue of branding success 

Strategies to build a successful brand

Building a successful and enduring brand requires a solid foundation built on principles that withstand the test of time.  

What sets successful brands apart from the rest? The answer lies in the tenets that shape their DNA. 

Drawing from extensive experience, Mr. Dhas outlines 10 key principles for building a successful and enduring brand in today’s cutthroat market that resonates: 

  • Clarity of Purpose and Values: A brand should have a clear mission and values that guide its every move 
  • Understanding the Target Audience: Knowing your audience is paramount for crafting messaging that hits the mark 
  • Differentiation and USPs: Uniqueness is the key; what sets your brand apart in a sea of options? 
  • Compelling Brand Storytelling: Stories captivate, and a brand’s story should be its most compelling asset 
  • Consistency: Across platforms, messages, and interactions-consistency builds trust
  • Authenticity and Trust: Authenticity is the currency of trust; it must be earned and upheld
  • Customer and Employee Engagement: The brand’s success is intertwined with the engagement of those it serves and those who serve it
  • Legal Protection: Safeguarding intellectual property ensures the brand’s longevity 
  • Adaptability: In a dynamic market, adaptability is not a choice but a necessity 

These ten commandments gave us the difference between a fleeting trend and a lasting brand legacy. 

Building trust in the digital domain: harnessing the power of owned media

Owned media, the crown jewel of a brand’s content kingdom emerges as a powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal. According to a HubSpot study, owned media reigns supreme as the most trusted source of information for B2B buyers.

Here, Mr.Vijay Dhas unpacks 5 key strategies for building trust with audience: 

  • Content is Key: Blogs, websites, social media, and newsletters form the foundation for building trust
  • Tailoring for B2B: Recognizing the unique needs of B2B buyers and tailoring content to address those needs 
  • Thought Leadership: Showcase industry expertise through thought leadership, establishing authority 
  • Consistency and Authenticity: Delivering high-quality, authentic content consistently is vital
  • Educational Resources: Providing value through educational resources, not just product-centric content

From blogs to social media, newsletters to webinars, owned media becomes the bridge that connects brands with their audience, fostering trust and loyalty. 

Strategies to gain owned media

Earned media: the unsung hero of brand awareness 

As we navigate the digital landscape, the importance of a harmonious integration of paid, owned, and earned media becomes evident. McKinsey’s report echoes a powerful truth — earned media is three times more effective at driving brand awareness than paid media. Mr. Dhas also unravels the power of earned media in driving brand awareness and suggested some potent strategies that form a holistic approach in incorporating paid, owned, and earned media. 

  • Paid Media for Targeted Reach: Utilize paid media strategically for targeted brand awareness
  • Content-Driven Paid Media: Align paid content with specific objectives, leveraging webinars and podcasts
  • Leveraging Influencers: Harness the power of influencers to amplify your brand message
  • User-Generated Content and Testimonials: Encourage customers to share their experiences, turning them into advocates

The marketing mix: A symphony of strategy 

The marketing mix, often likened to a symphony, requires a delicate balance of product, price, place, and promotion. He breaks down each P, emphasizing the need for unique features, the right pricing strategy, strategic distribution channels, and effective promotional tactics. 

Recent additions, including People, Process, and Physical Evidence, underscore the holistic nature of modern marketing. Employee engagement, streamlined processes, and tangible cues are no longer optional but integral notes in the symphony. Technology takes centre stage as a conductor, orchestrating processes and strategies. Understanding the target audience, embracing adaptability, and continuous refinement become the essential keys to success. 

Word of mouth: the B2B trust builder 

Word of mouth, a potent force in the B2B realm, holds sway over consumer trust. Nielsen’s study attests to the magic of word-of-mouth — 60% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand recommended by friends or family.  

In a world where scepticism meets advertising, organic marketing becomes the secret weapon. 

Creating a stellar product experience becomes paramount, as satisfied customers morph into influencers and advocates. In this landscape, influencers can be customers and partners alike, contributing to the positive word-of-mouth marketing that can elevate a brand. Strategies like referral programs, user forums, and involving potential customers in product development become the tools for building trust through organic means. 

AI and ML: the future maestros of marketing 

As we look to the future, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into marketing strategies becomes an inevitable reality.  According to a Gartner report, 80% of CMOs believe that AI will revolutionize marketing in the next five years. Mr. Dhas acknowledges the growing role of AI and ML, citing early applications in chatbots for customer interaction and engagement. Tools like ChatGPT play pivotal roles in marketing support, aiding tasks like audience segmentation and custom message creation.  

Crucially, Mr. Dhas dispels the fear that AI will replace marketers, underlining that it will complement their work. Marketers become conductors, providing the input necessary for AI to generate desired outputs. In the realm of MarTech (Marketing technology), AI is maximizing return on investment (ROI), signalling a future where marketing is not just driven but also optimized by artificial intelligence. 


In the vast ocean of digital marketing, Mr. Vijai Dhas emerges as a guiding light, steering brands through the turbulent waves of change. From his foundational experiences in web design to the pivotal moments that shaped his journey, Dhas provides a roadmap for marketers eager to make a lasting impact in the digital age. As we witness the fusion of traditional and digital dynamics, explore the ten commandments of branding success, and peer into the future with AI and ML, Dhas’s insights become a compass in this ever-evolving marketing landscape. Get ready to navigate the digital symphony and orchestrate your brand’s success with the wisdom of a true marketing maestro. 

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To watch the full-length video of Mr. Vijay Dhas, please click below!


Key Insights/Pointers:   

  • Blend Brilliance: Traditional and digital aren’t rivals; they’re the ultimate tag team
  • Decalogue Dynamo: Ten rules to rule them all-clarity, flair, and adaptability included
  • Owned Media Magic: Content is king, but context is the kingdom
  • Earned Media Elevation: Let your brand ride the organic wave-strategically
  • AI & ML Allies: Tech isn’t taking over; it’s your marketing wingman, optimizing every move
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